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For our services we are in contact with many international operating companies as partners, which are able to plan and build also large projects successfully and which can guarantee for their performance to secure our financiers.

Our partners are large international industrial companies all over the world, suppliers and service companies worldwide, international investors, international banks, lenders, institutions, funds.
Our Structured Project Finance Model which includes the total project realization is well accepted by banks and investors, because it lowers the construction risk and helps to make projects fundable.

Some of our projects are:
  • Ski & Eventcenter in Berlin, Germany
    Ski & Eventcenter in Berlin
  • BHKW power plant in Lenting, Germany
  • WEE & F Project in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • East-West Highway project in Algeria
  • Subway project in Xi-an, China
  • Magnesium part production in Linjiang, China
  • Office center in Moscow, Russia
    Office Center in Moscow
  • Coal power plant in Amur, Russia