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Most important for the realization of any kind of project is the financing solution. In developing markets with a large economic groth the financial markets are mainly underdeveloped and therefore the financing has a priority.
Because of the typical higher risk factors in developing countries and an absence of enough own funds, financing solutions are much more difficult to arrange than in industrial countries.

In most of the projects the property itself is the only asset to secure the financing and therefore typical project finance solutions are required.
In project finance solutions the project itself is the sole security and only the incomes of the project are available for the repayment and to pay the interest.
For financiers the most critical facts are the construction risk and the income stream.

Details of our Model

Structured Project Finance Model

Our Structured Project Finance Model is able to cover such risks, because our model includes partners for planning, engineering and construction of projects who are able to issue construction guarantees.
To secure the incomes of the projects we present potential offtakers and buyers to purchase the manufactured products with the credibility to pay or issue payment guarantees. For real estate owners or investors we will present tenants who are able to pay the rent for the property.
Such a full service model will make financing possible, also in difficult cases, because the financiers prefer low risk models.

The partners for planning, engineering, construction, supply and also the buyers/offtakers of the final products and tenants for renting the facilities are part of our finance model and cannot be changed without crashing the whole financing.

Our clients are very pleased with such an integrated solution because if we have control about all key factors of the project we can structure the project, reduce the risk and make it acceptable for financiers.

Advantages for our Clients

Our Structured Project Finance Model will cover all important positions by our partners like Financiers, Banks, Investors, Project Developers, Engineering & Planning Companies, Suppliers, Service Companies, Tenants and Buyers/Offtakers for the final products.
Our company as provider of this financing model will be partner of the client / project owner and has a total control about the whole project by project management and coordination. This is a guarantee for a successful project implementation.

Our partners for development, planning, engineering, construction and supply are international operating, experienced large companies, who are in a position to guarantee for their construction and supply and to cover the construction risk of the projects. Therefore we cooperate with qualified partners for a long period of time to implement a joint project management.

Our Structured Project Finance Model is an excellent solution for all kind of projects like real estate, infrastructure, power, oil & gas, raw material production, where constant incomes can be generated and secured by long term contracts.


As a provider of project finance solutions we are getting constantly inquiries from project owners or project developers because they are looking for a financing solution.

Our company organization is based on local partners and project managers in our target countries and we have access to many projects in different business fields. In our core markets the demand for project finance is increasing and therefore the demand for our Structured Project Finance Model is rising.

For the projects which are interesting for our project finance solution we will provide a financing offer based on our Structured Project Finance Model which includes the financing, development, supply, construction, product sales, renting out or sales of properties, etc. It means the whole service to realize a project.